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Lyrics to "Touch That Ass" song by Rich Boy: (Yeah Rich Boy man I'm pimpin' like that) I keep flickin' these dollars girl and you know I. Nov 23,  · Kissing Prank - Oil Boy Smacking Sexy Girls Ass (GONE WILD) - Duration: Everyone Wants to Touch Lucy's Butt - Duration: [email protected] 20, views. Boys Touching Girls Ass Porn Videos: Curvy Hot Babes Fucking Horny Boy In Threesome; Touch My Ass; Boy Fucks Girl - Scene 5; Bad Boys - Bad Girl - .

Touch That Ass Lyrics

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Touch that ass, yeah touch that ass Ya homegirl kinda bad, can I touch her ass? Look at my Asx Look at my bracelet and look at my arm Shakin' my wrist Touch Boy Ass Boy just start a snowstorm Up in the club Touch Boy Ass Boy we gettin' it on Poppin' big bottles and spillin' Patron D-Boys be the squad Zone 4 be the label Got a wit' the satellite cable OBy say I wouldn't make it but I still made it happen One point three mill' and just start rappin' Yeah I got a room when you suck on my dick 'Cause if you suck on my dick you better swallow that shit Ya young bitch, niggas still runnin they mouth [gunshots] [Chorus] [verse 2] One dollar, two dollar, three dollar, four When I leave the club I take two whores Maybe one more, back to the Doubletree Hoes wanna double me and Touch Boy Ass Boy bubbly Let's play a lil' game, Simon Says Simon Says "why don't you give Rich Boy some head? Touch that ass, yeah touch that ass If I fly ya first class, can I touch that ass? Touch that ass, yeah touch that ass Now I don't mind throwin' cash, can I touch that ass?

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